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(10.27.2011) Interview with Naoki Yoshida

Dear English-speaking friends, this is Chuki speaking!

I am most convinced that you came here because you were looking for the English version of the interview with Naoki Yoshida (10.27.2011) So here it is!

Well, of course, even though it is not a well updated blog, this is where I decided to put the “original” version of the interview. What is written here is what was said there. Including all grammar errors/mistyping/mistakes (actually, I’m just being lazy, I don’t want to spellcheck and to rephrase the strange sentences). I just corrected what was really unintelligible, I left everything else *almost* untouched.

If you have any use for this interview, be it on the official forum or on your own forum or website, whatever, please mention the source. I’d be grateful. :)

I’ll be glad to answer any question if something’s wrong with the interview — and I know something’s wrong! or if you just want to say “thanks”, please do not hesitate. I’ve worked four straight hours on it, it does no harm to thank me. Though it does none even if you don’t!

Well then, without further ado, let’s start reading!


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