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About me:

Native French & fluent English speaker and occasional Japanese stutterer.

I don’t take any request when it comes to transliteration, unless it’s one of Yanagi Nagi’s untransliterated song (which should be quite rare, apart from her doujin projects, I might already have some duplicate content…), I might think about it! In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge fan of hers, and I live to spread the love she sings… well, almost. I live for myself too, mind you!


Please be reminded that the lyrics published on this blog are the artists’ and solely the artists’ intellectual property. I hold no right on their work; the lyrics are only here for an informative purpose and should in no circumstances be considered as official work.


I have a blog hosted on wordpress.com because I’m too stingy to rent a server and too lazy to develop my own site.


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when was the last update again?